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Review: Orphan Boy – Some Frontier (Single)

We review Orphan Boy’s single ‘Some Frontier’ from their latest album ‘Passion, Pain and Loyalty’. Read our thoughts here…

Name: Orphan Boy
Release: Some Frontier (Single)
Release Date: Out Now


Going solely by the lyrics following the woeful theme of lost children ‘scattered out like dust’, you could easily mistake ‘Some Frontier’ for a deep and sorrowful poem. However, nothing else fits this bleak description: Orphan Boy’s single from album ‘Passion, Pain and Loyalty’ is in fact an upbeat and invigorating hit. Complete with an overwhelmingly catchy guitar rift, the vocals of the Manchester based trio become instantly memorable and the tune infectious. The boys have described their relatively new style as ‘lad art’, an unusual label that makes itself clear upon first listen and definitely beats the ‘council pop’ sound that previously defined Orphan Boy’s musical style.

The band are hungry for recognition and this song could well help them in their quest for fame. ‘Some Frontier’ illustrates the ‘visceral energy’ and ‘catchy melodies’ that Orphan Boy have been associated with. The song is perhaps a little repetitive, but the chours is sung passionately enough to grab anyone’s attention; singer Rob’s raw talent makes ‘Some Frontier’ worthy of several listens. Anyone wanting to listen to something new should definitely give Orphan Boy a try.

Reviewer: Nicola Stewart

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