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Review: Malkovich- Great Expectations (Album)

Click here to read HTF’s thoughts on the debut full- length from the up and coming MC, Malkovich.

Malkovich 'Great Expectations' Album Artwork

Band: Malkovich
Release: Great Expectations
Release Date: Out Now

Fresh political angst and a particularly large stone thrown in the mix of Eminem’s A game, Malkovich and his debut ‘Great Expectations’, is no longer just a pre-conceived notion of something incredible taking shape, but now, it has become a great reality.

‘Storm Chaser’ starts off creating an informative direct link to the albums unusual styled artwork with 19th century vocal parts flowing into back to back cataclysmic news reports, and then a montage of huge beats and Malkovich’s solo arrival where he lays down furious and consistent spits that highlight this records seemingly un-noticed significance in Urban music.

References to the current state of the world are none to frequent, and clearly highlight the increasingly apparent two finger salute to the politicians, which Malkovich noticeably broadcasts with thorough conviction through his music.

Malkovich and his massively moving, almost soulful melodies, are given their first real moment in the spot light on hit single ‘Lies’ backed by the singer’s unrelenting genre-resuscitating vocal deliveries, which are continued furthermore on title track ‘Great Expectations’, although with a less upbeat musical performance to its predecessor and opting for a more chilled approach, so to speak. Although this is perhaps for the best, as just round the corner, ‘What I know’ brings the energy levels straight back up and revitalises the dance floor once again with an unforgiving chorus of heroics in its stride.

‘Palms’ shows the LA singer further delivering intelligent spits alongside memorable melodies and ‘Get Away’ continues the legitimacy, as well as welcoming a blazing performance from the notorious Gotham Green. We ironically can’t keep still at ‘Bedbugs’ which is a hip-shaking carnival brandishing Malkovich as the new face of underground grime, yeah, that’s right, this guy is owning everyone in the current scene, and you better believe it.


Reviewer: Alister Ross

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