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Interview: Bleach Blood (HTF Exclusive)

We chat to former King Blues guitarist Jamie about his new band Bleach Blood!


We recently had a chat with former King Blues guitarist Jamie about his brand new band Bleach Blood; self described as “Jamie’s complied love of 70’s (post) punk, dance, electronica and pop music”. The band have already drummed up a lot of support since forming and even had their Madia Vale BBC Radio 1 session named one of punk show presenter Mike Davies’ “sessions of the year” so we were definitely excited to find out more.

We discuss their upcoming tour with Sharks, how long we are gonna have to wait for a full length album and find our what new direction this new project is taking them.

You can check out more from the band at –

You can also check out our recent HTF session with the band here.

HTF: For those who haven’t heard of Bleach Blood how would you describe your sound?
J: I guess we’re a rock band with a mild obsession with poppy dance music and post punk. It’s a bit like the Buzzcocks playing LCD soundsystem songs – a friend of mine said we sounded like that and it kinda hits the nail on the head. Although to be honest when I’m writing Bleach Blood songs I tend to do whatever I want. I’m not into worrying about genres or rules or anything like that. The bands and artists that influence Bleach Blood are pretty varied – so if we chose to do a hardcore tune or a straight up pop jam then we will!

HTF: Where did the band name come from?
J: There’s not really a massive story behind it – it just popped in my head one day and stuck there… I was probably watching too many crime dramas or something!

HTF: You’ve sadly just had to cancel two shows due to illness, is everything on the mend now?
J: Yes! Thank you for asking. It’s annoying having to postpone shows and something that none of us like doing, particularly this early into a band but sadly these things can’t be helped. As ever people’s health is paramount over everything else.

HTF: You’re set to embark on a tour with Sharks next month are you excited?
J: Totally. I haven’t been on tour for nearly a year, which has felt like a fucking age. I’m really excited to get out on the road and not only share these new songs and this new band with everyone, but also tour with one of my favourite bands in the UK right now. I got a lotta love for Sharks and have done for many years – and I’m very thankful that they asked us to come out and tour with them. Bleach Blood and Sharks is going to be a great tour.

HTF: Were the headline shows meant to be preparation for the tour next month?
J: I guess. We just wanted to get out and play some shows as well, you know?  As with any band, the only way to get to know each other and develop a chemistry is to get out and do it for real. That can’t be faked, it’s got to be earned through hard work and dedication to one another. People are not stupid, they can see through the fake bullshit when it’s presented to them onstage and they know when they got a real deal hardworking band or artist in front of them. That’s what bands like Sharks, Bleach Blood, Apologies, I Have None and The Tuts are.

HTF: With a few of you being from other bands previously (Paul Mullen – The Automatic/Yourcodenameis:milo) do you ever get comparisons to those bands?
J: Yes, it does happen. I think it’s only natural for it happen. It was quite a worry for me to begin with if I’m honest but I had to do what I wanted to do musically. I’m not really interested in trying to sound like my old band or Paul’s old bands. Bleach Blood is a different project and a chance to do something away from our past bands. Yeah, we still draw on certain influences we had back then, but I’m not letting my past bands define what I’m creating right now.

HTF: Does Bleach Blood seem more natural than previous bands you’ve been a part of?
J: Oh totally. While my previous projects do still mean a lot to me and were a big part of my life, with Bleach Blood I’m allowed to be totally free to write what I want – a freedom that I never had in The King Blues.  I never really noticed how claustrophobic I was feeling towards the end of that band. Bleach Blood is a total breath of fresh air!

HTF: You’ve been announced for this years Camden Rocks, are you looking forward to kicking off festival season?
J: Yeah, very much so, Camden Rocks will be a hell of a lot of fun. Over 100 bands tearing up and down Camden, its gonna be mental!  We’re playing in an awesome little pub – The Hawley Arms, which is the heartbeat to Camden Town – I’m seriously looking forward to tearing it a new one!

HTF: Your single ‘Anything Anything’ just came out. How have you found the reaction from fans?
J: The reaction has been great.  ‘Anything, Anything’ is very different to any other track I’ve been a part of before, so I was excited to see what the reaction was going to be and thus far it’s been really great.

HTF: Have you got plans in place for an album release at all?
J: We’re working on the album right now.  We’re putting a whole bunch of really amazing songs through their paces right now, and hopefully will be going into the studio this summer to record it all.  I’m hoping it will be out early 2014 and it’s going to be awesome.

HTF: Finally what does the rest of 2013 have in store for you?
J: Our single ‘Anything. Anything’ is out right now and we’re gonna be supporting Sharks this May.  As for the rest of the year, we have another single coming out around June called ‘H.O.P.E’ and are just gonna tour as much as we can!!

Jamie Jazz


twitter – @holyfucked
skype – jamiejazzkb

Interviewer: Rhian Westbury

Introduction Text: Chris Hines

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