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Review: Karybdis – From the Depths (Album)

We review the new album from Karybdis! Check out what we thought of their debut release inside..

Band: Karybdis
Release: From the Depths (Album)
Release Date: 07/02/ 2012

Have you ever heard an album of epic proportions that can blow you away from the first song? If you have been unfortunate in not having that chance, then mythological melodic metal titans that hail from London, Karybdis, have an album on the way that is prepared to do so. Latest release ‘From the Depths’ is packed wwith frantic drumming, melodic riffs and some of the best possible screaming that can be found in this modern age of metal.

Tracks ‘Minotaur’ and the radio edit of the same song are shortened versions of sweeping glory, opening with a haunting guitar pattern and Nightwish-like orchestrational synths. Mitch’s drumming is arguably the most outstanding on the track, hahaving moments where it even has its own hierarchy to the other band members. Regardless, Jay keeps the tight rhythm pattern together over Harsha’s and Pierre’s guitar work. Title track ‘From the Depths’, and the amazing ‘Without Wings’ feature some more great orchestral parts and fantastic musicianship, before all the efforts have died together over the purely exquisite synthonic-metal track of ‘Arson Aesthetics’. This track has Korn influences written all over it with its own blend of originality and yet more fantastic growling from Rich, thus proving his talents to be virtually flawless and a definitive highlight of an incredible album.

We then witness blistering breakdowns that have the capability of tearing away live venues limb from bloodied limb. The assault on the eardrums escalate on ‘Worth It’, with yet more punishing breakdowns and melodic guitar work, and Mitch constantly stealing the limelight with his insane drumming.

It’s safe to say ‘I Say’ sounds like one of those groove metal tracks that everyone’s heard of before – but once Rich’s vocals kick in it’s a whole new world! The listener can escapes into a jazz-like clean section before being catapulted into the harsh reality of next track ‘Medusa’, which feels like a descent into madness. ‘Maelstrom’ has a metalcore influence in the track, erupting into breakdowns and churning out frantic rhythms.

The penultimate track ‘The Hour Glass’ is the shortest and yet the most energetic, guaranteed to have you moshing like an enraged gorilla in a confined space. The album closes with the magnificent seven minute epic  that is ‘Death Toll’ sounding just like Killswitch Engage.

For a debut these guys have out done themselves; Karybdis have cracked the formula to make sure they know what everyone likes.


Reviewer: Connor Flello

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