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Review: Mull Historical Society – Must You Make Eyes At Me Now (Single)

Check out our review of Mull Historical Society’s new single ‘Must You Make Eyes At Me Now’ inside!

Band: Mull Historical Society
Release: Must You Make Eyes At Me Now (Single)
Release Date: Out Now

How good have you ever felt? Over the moon, down under or just simply meh-ish? If your answer is yes, then this is going well, but if not, then just shut up and read this review. Mull Historical Society (or Colin MacIntyre as Facebook informed us) is a one man melody anthem maker, and his pop-filled gems of glory will make you dance as though the end of the world is tomorrow.

The guitars are ace in this track: they’re sweet and melodic and work in full flow of the synths. On top of that are Colin’s fantastic vocals, generally bickering about society around him and the failure to understand. But then again, this isn’t your average pop rocker who’ll sing about a life of poverty and failed love lives to get famous – this is a song that has a certain in-depth meaning to it that’s worth checking out.

Do you like pop rock? Well, whatever your opinion is we couldn’t care less. This is an amazing track from such a great artist. The track’s highly intoxicating and truly deserves to be one riding the airwaves very soon.


Reviewer: Connor Flello

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